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Why It’s Bad to Buy a Pet From a Pet Store

Purchasing a pet from a pet store is not only unethical, but it also supports puppy mills. login99bet Some pet stores have poor sanitation, and the employees may not care enough about the welfare of the animals to make them clean. Additionally, the health of your pet can be in doubt because the store might not provide health records or licenses. In addition, the price tag is a red flag.

In addition to not providing proper medical care, pets from pet stores are not generally healthy and often suffer from genetic problems. Furthermore, many of these animals do not have the basic Five Freedoms, like clean water and a safe place to hide. These animals are sold in such poor conditions that they are unlikely to survive. And the pets you purchase from pet stores do not get permanent homes. rizonbayview So, while the pet store profits might be tempting, it is a terrible idea to buy your pet from one.

Despite the convenience of pet stores, they are still not ideal. Most animals bred at pet stores are kept in factory farm conditions and sold to anyone with money infosportsworld. The pet trade is plagued by countless cases of abuse and neglect, which is why PETA released a dozen investigations on the industry thebirdsworld. If you’re considering adopting an animal from a pet store, make sure you adopt from a shelter instead. This way, you’ll be saving the lives of thousands of animals in need of homes. Latest Website¬† naukri24pk

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