What is the Fashion in Japan?

Japanese fashion is often influenced by Western styles. While this is the case in many parts of the world, the Japanese are known for their traditional, stylish clothing. The kimono, the traditional form-fitting jacket, is one of the most prominent examples of this style. The kimono is a type of Japanese robe, and was decorated according to the season. In the summer, the kimono is made from lightweight cotton, and during the winter it is made from a thicker material. The kimono was worn for special occasions, such as weddings, and funerals.

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The traditional boy’s high school uniform is the gakuran. This is also known as the Xue ran outside of Japan. It consists of a long, sleek coat with an upstanding collar, and full-length slacks. It is worn with black dress shoes. It was inspired by the naval uniforms of Europe, and the female version of the gakuran is known as sailor fuku. It consists of a navy blue skirt and white shirt with a colored neckerchief.

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The Japanese have adopted Western clothing styles for centuries. After the World War II, Chinese envoys brought Chinese styles to the Japanese court. These styles quickly gained popularity. During the reign of Emperor Hirohito, the Imperial Japanese court adopted these styles. Han dynasty China was popular in Japan, and images of tribal chiefs and priestess-queens depicted this culture in their clothes. The oldest samples of shibori tie-dyed fabric were found at the Shosoin Temple.

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