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What is the Best Form of Workout for a Type 1 Diabetic?

There are many benefits to getting exercise. For instance, it can reduce blood sugar, reduce blood pressure, and boost energy. People with diabetes should also consider the benefits of yoga and meditation, both of which can be beneficial for managing the disease. To get started, you can ask a physician about starting an exercise program, and he or she will be able to give you the best advice.

While aerobic exercise is beneficial for people with diabetes, it may not be suitable for everyone. However, it is highly recommended to exercise at least 150 minutes per week. Even if that seems daunting, it can be accomplished if you break it down into daily sessions of 5-10 minutes. You should build up to this amount by starting slowly. If you’re new to exercising, a few 10 minute sessions can add up to 90-140 minutes.

When choosing a workout plan, be sure to check blood glucose levels before and after the workout. Blood sugar may drop throughout the workout, resulting in delayed hypoglycemia. Consequently, carry snacks with fast-acting carbohydrates before and after the workout. Examples of snacks with high-GI are glucose tablets, fruit juice, and non-diet soda. The same applies for carbohydrate-rich foods.

People with type 1 diabetes should begin with gentle exercise, building up to higher intensity and duration. It is advisable to take a rest day after a workout, depending on the intensity of physical activity. Before starting a workout, be sure to check your blood glucose levels to make sure you haven’t reached ketones. If so, check with a doctor to make sure your blood glucose level is normal and in range.

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