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Ways to Kill Business Cards

For five centuries, business cards have been a staple of society. Although they have come under fire from technological advances, they have still managed to hold their own. US Robotics’ Palm Pilot, a handheld personal communications device, was one of the few successes, but it soon went the way of cassette tapes. Other would-be card-killing apps came to market with great fanfare, but failed to catch on and soon folded.

There are other ways to kill business cards. A digital version can be created through proximity dropping. With proximity dropping, users can select which contact information they wish to share and the receivers can either accept or reject it. The information is sorted and categorized. A viewer can search for the information they are seeking by company name or industry. This way, users can avoid printing out the same information over again.

The design of business cards has changed quite a bit. In the past, only a handful of companies have bothered to make environmentally-friendly business cards. Now, a thriving business has its own unique brand identity and it deserves to be marketed accordingly. However, in order to avoid the same mistakes, it is essential to follow best practices when designing your business cards. In short, you must produce an attractive and functional card that your customers will be happy to use.

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