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How Do Free Apps Make Money?

If you’ve been wondering how free apps make money, you’re not alone. Almost half of all apps on mobile platforms are free, and only about 1% of those are paid. In fact, the paid app market is worth billions of dollars, so it’s no surprise that many developers are experimenting with the free model. There are a number of ways to make money from free apps, and many have been successful.

Many successful free apps monetize through advertising. Advertising in mobile apps is the most common method, with 20% of users saying they often click on ads. Yet two-thirds said they’ve never clicked on an in-app commercial. Yet, 63% of developers use advertising to monetize their apps. Here are some ways to make your free app more profitable. For example, if you create a popular game that features various types of advertisements, you can include links to advertisers’ websites.

Subscriptions are another option. Subscriptions allow users to access additional features or services for a monthly or yearly fee. Some subscriptions are non-renewable, but are very popular for streaming apps and news apps. Free apps can also monetize through in-app purchases, which are on the rise with the rising purchasing power of younger tech users. Listed below are some of the ways that developers use to monetize their apps.

In-app purchases and advertisements are just two of the ways that free apps make money. Mobile advertising is the most popular method of monetisation in the free app market. It pays publishers whenever a user sees an ad, clicks on an ad, or installs an app from an ad. Google’s AdMob service is a preferred ad delivery service. It ensures that relevant ads are displayed in the app.

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