Dog Proof Your Balcony in 4 Easy Steps

Your balcony might be the place to be in for a spectacular city view, but is it secure enough for your pooch to spend time there? Probably not!

Keeping Fido safe can be challenging but not impossible if you live in an urban area. Downtown places are often filled with high-rise buildings, very little green patch, and offer less scope to run around the home and play.

Your puppy may not have the option to get outside the backdoor and roam in the yard or relax and sunbathe in the garden within your house perimeter. A balcony could be the nearest window to the outside world for your pet in an urban set-up.

But there is always a risk involved when you allow your canine fur baby to play on the balcony. There are chances of it falling off the edge and meeting with fatal injuries, soaking excessively in the sun and dehydrating or suffering from heatstroke, munching on potentially toxic plants and falling sick, and more.

To avoid miserable health situations, supervise your pet while it spends time on your balcony and consider being equipped with pet health insurance so you have a medical financial backup just in case your little pupper gets into significant health troubles unexpectedly.

Contemplate purchasing cheap pet insurance in the least so that providing medical care during non-routine vet visits need not be financially overwhelming. Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to dog-proof your balcony.

1.Replace poisonous plants with dog-safe plants

Very few puppy owners know the dangers of having specific plants on their balconies. You need to be especially careful if there are hanging plant baskets decorating your balcony’s roof. The creepers and leaves can touch down on windy days, making them more accessible to your fur companion. Trim the stems and leaves regularly to prevent your pet from snacking on them. However, the best thing to do is to replace them with other safe plants.

2.Use non-toxic or organic products on your plants

Chemical additives, sprays, and pesticides you use on plants can enter your furry baby’s system should it ingest its leaves and other parts. This can make your four paws sick or lead to a medical emergency in the worst case. So, it is advisable to use organic products on your plants and store them in inaccessible places to minimize risks.

3.Be prepared for accidents and surprises

Even the most well-trained dogs can be vulnerable to pee or poop accidents. You can blame it on fresh air or cold weather, but peeing/pooping on floors can bring a whole new set of troubles altogether. You need to clean up messy floors, and if things trickle down to your neighbor’s balcony, there can be a huge problem. Cover your balcony with boot mats, try pee pads, or use fake lawn grass to manage the issue with little hassle.

4.Decorate the place with comfort objects

Dog recliners, deck chairs, hammocks, waterproof beds, crates, shady areas, access to fresh water, potty products, and rubber mats are some items needed to create a dog haven on your makeeover.

Puppy-proof the balcony to ensure it is a safe retreat for your pet, not a fatal trap. Simultaneously, consider being prepared with pet health insurance so your canine gets the health care it deserves during unanticipated health situations and emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing cheap pet insurance; then at least so you don’t have to think twice about summoning medical help during testing times of health.

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