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Does Auto Insurance Cover Pet Accidents?

There are some policies that cover pet accidents, but you should always check with your agent before letting your pet roam freely. You may not even need to get pet insurance for your car if you own a small dog or cat. You can get liability coverage for your pet, and the other driver’s insurance may cover your pet’s medical costs. You must keep records of the medical bills of your pet. If your pet gets hurt in an accident, make sure it’s leashed and out of the road when you’re driving.

There are many different types of coverage for pets, and some insurers offer additional pet coverage. Some of these policies include coverage for veterinarian visits and other medical costs, depending on the type of policy you have. Some policies even cover your pet’s medical expenses, which may include emergency vet care. This is a great option if you have an injured dog or cat. Make sure to check with your insurance agent for more information on the coverage and whether your pet is covered.

Keep in mind that if you have a dog, it may distract you while you’re driving. You’re probably more likely to have an accident with your pet in a car with airbags than with yours. It’s important to keep your pet restrained when driving, especially if you’re traveling in a crossover or SUV. Pet health insurance will also cover medical bills, so make sure you keep your receipts for vet visits, surgeries, and medications. Any accidents that result from an accident involving your pet are also covered by your policy.

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