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Are There Any Great Educational Video Game Titles For Grown-Ups?

Are there any great educational video game titles for grown-ups? Many adults grew up playing educational games on their PCs. Today, there are new games for various platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and computers. The computer is still the best choice for playing the best educational PC games, both modern and classic. Most games on this list are PC exclusives, so they benefit from the enhanced graphics and larger display.

One game that I’ve seen recently is Animal Jam Classic. This game was created by WildWorks, the Utah-based developer of the popular Bee Movie Game and Pac-Man World Rally. Animal Jam Classic teaches kids about animals and other aspects of Zoology by solving puzzles. Even games that aren’t specifically educational can benefit adult players, and the city-building title Cities: Skylines is a prime example of this. It teaches you about the history of architecture, teaches people to build bridges, and more.

The Professor Layton series is another popular choice for kids. The game follows the adventures of Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke Triton, who eventually is replaced by Katrielle Layton. The puzzle-solving mechanics and layered storyline make this a game that appeals to both adults and kids. While kids may struggle to solve the puzzles, adults can enjoy the story-telling aspect of this game.

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